Fixing Cars

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I have been helping my friends fix cars that were ravaged by super typhoon ONDOY which has affected thousands of families and killed hundreds of people east of Manila. Some are not salvageable already because of the mixed water and mud that penetrated engines because of the flood. I checked the ac compressor and saw the need for me to change these units so I could get ample amount of air flowing through the auto mobile while purchasing stuff for the other broken down cars. I would like to get more into detail but some are not even English to me because of the technical nature.

My cousins helped clean the hood; and did it for free because these people really need help. Sometimes I wonder how they were able to survive without food and drink for two days and manage to keep afloat when the flood waters reached over 6 feet. Imagine some of the heavily damaged vehicles floated to other streets and was found a couple of days later. I need contacts; and people who know where to get discounted air conditioning parts. I should consider purchasing them on line so I would be able to get a better deal. They need my help and the last thing I would need to do is charge them outrageous prices. I will take a look on how I can save precious money so they can start rebuilding their lives. Going to work would require them the need to have their vehicles fixed. I will help them.


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