My Golf Dreams

Friday, January 08, 2010

Some of you probably know that I do have a big handicap. No it is not that sort of ailment you are thinking about, but a handicap at golf. I dreamed of it again this evening. I play every time my Uncle asks me to tag along in local country clubs and it is so relaxing. It is the symphony of emotions and game play that makes this a worthwhile hobby to get. This is quite expensive here in the Philippines but if you think about the other places we could go to then you will be exquisitely addicted!

Like the newly renovated fairway at the Georgia Golf Resort which houses the King and Prince Golf Course and the world renowned Hampton Club. If I only had one wish then it would be this ideal destination. I want to feel the breeze and smell the fresh cut grass of the King and Prince Golf Course. I would not want anything less. We probably just need to listen to people who have experienced the place first hand. I would also want to check out their packages if my trips come late this year pushes through.

Watch out for that golf ball hitting your window pane soon! Ha-ha! I'll be there!


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