Phone Retires and there are Promos!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Two cell phone companies just put up small kiosks on the office lounge and offered us free phones if we subscribe to their system. The offer is very nice since they usually cost around 4-5 thousand pesos in local malls. I wonder if these promotional products would be offered until next year. I plan to get an IPHONE because my current NOKIA 6280 is already giving up on me. It acts up when I put it on my pocket and shuts down by itself. I would really like to replace it but it has been very convenient for me.

The photos I took from it are also phenomenal. I took it on a climb last year and those are the photos above. Pretty nice huh?! You see it is really simple and very convenient to have a phone that will cater to your needs. I may get another one but this old one is going to be memorable. This actually started my frustrations with photography. I have an entry level camera now which I use for fashion and portraits. So you now see why I have these photos now.

I guess it did more to me than inspire me right?! I hope you like what it eventually had me do and appreciate the work I do now for models and their portfolios. I need a phone and I hope it performs better than this old one that I have. Otherwise it will just be paperweight when I get it from those companies. I think I need to see an on line store now. Where do I start?!


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