The New Workout Regimen

Monday, January 04, 2010

It looks like I have to look for another routine I can do for this year. I need to build up more muscles obviously and the one I need should contain body building programs that have been proven to work for people with my built. I am so tired of the normal Asian regimen that they were initially forcing me to follow and I think my lineage boasts of European decent. I need to see a weight loss program that will also qualify how big I am in the first place because I am no ordinary Filipino boy.

I do not have the abdominal muscles now but I am planning to have some in a couple of months. I will have to concentrate more on my core muscles since I have already accomplished having big biceps and triceps last year. This is the eve of another change in my physique and in order to perfect what I want to be physically I need the help of all the information I can get in the Internet. Maybe I also need to read a couple of articles that would directly contribute to what I already know about working out. The new workout regimen is tantamount to the success of my body building plans this year. I will stick to it by hook or by crook!


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