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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Today, I just had my eyes checked and they said that I have uneven gradation on my eyes. All along I thought I had 20/20 vision but this has brought a setback to the luck that I have been having since 2009. Maybe this is temporary, I do not know; because I never asked about it when the doctor was performing a check up. I called him just now and brushed it off because he said it can be easily cured. I would not like to wear corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses because of my active lifestyle. I did some research at Stahl Eye Center Garden City NY and found some valuable information on their site about a procedure called LASIK; where the eye treatment could heal in one or two days. This NO PAIN procedure has been done in STAHL EYE CENTER GARDEN CITY NY by awesome Doctors who mostly hail from world renowned Universities such as UCLA, John Hopkins and YALE. They are considered the best in the industry! My friend got this procedure done recently and she is not wearing glasses anymore. I will look into this great advancement in eye care so I could check out if it is feasible to be done on me. Wish me luck!


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