Saturday, January 23, 2010

Last night was a blast! I went out with friends from an online community I frequent in and we had some guests who were doctors from a province down south so it was a little arduous to have me introduce them to ladies that night. I felt that since this was my territory I should let them at least have fun right? But then again I didn't have time to work on meeting some my self... anyway I still had fun with friends and a couple of strangers LOL... but that was just the start of the evening.

I had a few drinks again. Somehow I really needed it to relax a bit, I was a bit tensioned but sure enough after a few bottles I got a little smooth talking to them and yes I did get tipsy too. It was a little dose more than what I used to drink and I was not feeling sorry going back to drinking a lot again. I did not have a hangover which I really despise when I do this deed. Anyway I will be still limiting things, its just that I probably screwed up and did this out of necessity last night. I mean I did have fun, imagine I was making out with a girl at around 7AM LOL and got her number too so I would probably have fun this week.

Thank God it's Friday!


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