Kristey Kenney: One of My Fave People

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yeap, saw documentaries from ANC which is a local cable channel here in the Philippines. I rarely stay and watch these things but looking at the information about how Kristey Kenney started was very good. I am actually starting to feel what people generally get. She is one awesome person and I like how she treated everyone in the US Embassy. She treats the people very kindly and I think by now we already know how good she is with Filipinos. I was saddened when she had to go. There has never been a US Ambassador that was so close to the masses. She said she will miss everything but I think it is the people who will surely miss her.

About the bad things that happened on this term, it probably is just the handling of the SUBIC Rape case. There should have been an American who is in jail for raping a minor. Although I had some hunches that girl probably is lying, Schmidt should have never been brought to the US that abruptly. He should have gone through the process and got convicted if that is the case. Aside from that, I hate Kristey a little bit for supporting Ateneo... well maybe that is just because I love my mighty UE Red Warriors LOL. Anyway, I wish the Ambassador the best in taking care of her ailing mother in the US. If ever there was something important than the Philippines that she has to do, it would be just that. Best Wishes to the First Lady Ambassador of the US to the Philippines!


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