Remembering Typhoon ONDOY

Monday, January 11, 2010

We had a couple of months watching the rain pour down in Manila that flooded most of the eastern part of the city. I believe in divine intervention but it never happened here. It ravaged most of my office mates houses and trashed all the appliances, cars and livelihood they have in the PASIG - RIZAL Area. It was a nightmare for all of us and I wish there was something we could have done to make life better. Our house was not spared because part of the roof gave in. Rain water washed in the ceiling and rendered our piano unusable, pictures wet and sofa disfigured. I was really not into handyman jobs so I employed the work of professionals to do the deed. I was really not happy with the existing Metal Roofing we had so I had it redone. I was uncomfortable sleeping because I kept thinking about the others. I was even lucky on such an unfortunate day.

Things that I did not even see on our roof came down. Imagine black mold crumbling down together with the rain water. It made the place doubly filthy. I know I had to make them cement based or stainless treated. Roofing contractors agreed about the suggestions I made and got the best there is from the market. Installed it a week after the typhoon and made guarantees that we would not experience it again. What a good day to start over and I hope we all start rebuilding our lives and never lose hope that everything will be fine.


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