Dad's New Toy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There are tons of files in the Internet that can be easily accessed by simple downloading programs like TORRENT. I know you may have used this application once or twice so you could get music torrents, movie or free software applications gradually or easily seeded and leeched as their terms for sharing. It has proven beneficial for people who could not download things in a single sitting. I was trying to do the same for games on my PSP console and it is taking me quite a bit of time since I like titles from way back.

Now I have to also download music files for our media adapters so I can play and hookup my songs from a server and broadcast them wireless to any place in your house. It is a pretty neat gadget from a networking company and I tried it out just for kicks in the laboratory. I liked what it had so I also bought one for my Dad. I am setting it up so all the hardships normal people encounter while installing this media adapter also was on my list throughout the weekend. It was nice when I finished though because the only thing that I had to attach on the unit is just the speakers and power chord. Imagine all the music on my laptop is playing everything in the house. Dad was impressed and that is important. After all I bought this for him.

Maybe next time I will have to purchase the one with videos. Then a media server for GAS (Gadget Acquisition Syndrome) affected people like me!


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