Bounce Tonight!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Since its a weekend, I got my day off and spent it with friends yesterday til the wee hours of the morning. This was the same place we ended up but it was good that shows were quite nice in that place otherwise I would probably gone somewhere else in the fort. I don't know if I could shoot today because I still have a huge backlog of photos to edit but if it is just to party then I would probably do it tonight. I haven't seen the guys since a couple of weeks ago and I think we need to talk about business matters too.

We also have some mishaps with a friend we usually do shoots with. Long story but it just boils down to trust matters so if ever things may not be feasible anymore then we would need to find an alternative. As much as we want to keep em it would not be a good thing to do since we would jeopardize people from the actual group already and that would not be a pretty sight. We would be in the middle of world war III if that happens. Sorry I could not give you that much details because they might be reading my site too and I would not want for them to think I am creating trouble in that situation.

Since I have nothing to do today I will bounce with my photography friends tonight. I need a break and this would be one darn busy evening. I'll stay up late and get them needed break!


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