Looking for Samurai Showdown 2

Friday, January 01, 2010

My gaming addiction just kicked in. I am trying desperately to find a copy of a CSO file particularly one that has the Samurai Showdown 2 game on it. There is one though called an anthology which I hope contains all the games and versions of this title. The deal is I don't want to download stuff from sources that I do not have control of and if viruses come with it then I would really think about it twice. I don't want to damage photos on my laptop since I need this for photo editing. A hobby that has taken me places I have never been.

I am also having a little headache or hangover from drinking after my shift. I just found a couple of friends from a site I frequent a couple of years ago. I want to make a better choice this year but I think I will settle for the gaming itch first. It says that it would actually take me around 8 hours to download it but its okay, I'll try and see if this works. I really need it as you may know I was a champion of this game when I entered a competition on a local mall. I remember people crying after they lost to me LOL.


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