Weddings and Me

Friday, January 08, 2010

It’s the weekend once again and a couple of friends invited me to go to their wedding. So all in all I have 2 lined up even on a workday. Yes I know it kinda sucks that I work on a Sunday but hey I only go out on Fridays and Saturdays so that is just enough for me.

Whoa… I just bumped into someone I know from college… that’s weird. Hahahah! Well at least not as weird as that Moulin rouge sound track they are playing in the background.

As the day sets, it looks like I will have a flourishing year ahead. It seems my optimism has paid off and I will eventually get on track with my career and hobbies. If I don’t do them excellently then I should have stayed blogging professionally instead. I mean there are a lot of opportunities in this, and if I would be more serious about it then I will get more than what I dream KUMAGCOW.COM would be!

If you have friends, please let them know about my site too… at least they would get to read something while they have nothing to do. This is becoming very addictive and looking more spontaneous. I like what is happening to my site. I would love to see your friends here too so you guys can talk behind my back when I’m around LOL… I know who you are and I can track you! Heheheh be very afraid!


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