Bon Voyage My Bro!

Monday, January 18, 2010

It is already time for him to go. After 5 long years of not stepping foot in this native land he is going back to Ireland again to work and probably get a new job. He probably misses us a lot and he will probably be doing the same come tomorrow. He visited a lot of relatives, spent the whole Christmas season and New Year here, gone to various islands in the Visayas region and spend some needed me time in the south of Manila. It was good to have rest and recreation enjoyed with friends and family I know. That is one of the few things in life that you would treat as priceless!

It is hard that he had to go out of the country just to work; that is what he chose to do with his life so we only can support him. Anyway, he is sporting dual citizenship so he can probably stay here on a longer period anytime. Even if he is an Irish citizen he still has Filipino blood so you can imagine the next time he comes back here, there would probably be more changes around the metro that he would not be able to see and feel but I am optimistic he will come back soon. Stay cool and stay focused on your career there and we will just be here to support you. I have no choice LOL you are my brother after all!

Take good care of yourself and Cheers!


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