The Little Surprise!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It looks like I will be getting my paycheck early. I would really love to start looking for Valentine's Day Gifts now so to avoid the rush next month. I also need to keep this somewhere so it would still be a big surprise. I would not want to spoil that of course! I remember when I last setup a birthday party for her but when we did she found out from other friends about it and just played as if she was surprised on the day itself. She told me a few days after wards and I was not really happy about it. Maybe that big prank I was planning to do the other day would come into play ha-ha! That would really be fun!

I love Trish and I would like to see her feel special on this day. I will be taking her on a spin south of Manila and get overnight accommodations for two in a hotel. We will have breakfast lunch and dinner then I will give her that perfect gift I prepared for her. It is a good thing she does not drop by that often on my site otherwise I am spoiling my own little surprise. I called them this morning so I could also arrange horse back riding lessons for us since it has been ages when I last rode one. I hope everything goes smooth. For my friends who are subscribed to my site through RSS please have the decency to not tell her. You guys know how much this means to me and Trish; so please don’t tell on me got it?!


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