Good for My Room!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My Dad, Mom, Brother and I went to SM North EDSA this evening to get some needed time together. Aside from the usual mall and restaurant activities, I went to the household section since we needed to buy curtain rods and drapery for my room. I am not an interior designer but I think my room just needs a little jazzing up because it has been a few years since I updated the look. Actually it still looks like the same room just as it was in the 1990's so you know how it feels when I am cramped in there. The curtains would get it to look a little bit organized and classy.

I do not like clutter and even if I have a messy table in the office, I keep it a point to still get the papers fixed before I go home. I do not have anybody to follow my trash wherever I go so I try my best to be tidy even if I am alone. I do not have to make that my new year's resolution, but this is one thing I will do for myself since I spend most of the time in my room. I think I deserve that right?!


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