Great Photo Printing

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My photography club is stepping up the plate and has just registered itself as a full time corporation. In the couple of months the guys and I have been shooting together, I have yet to see additional things that the NOCTURNALS will encounter this quarter. I have done events, fashion shoots and large cooperation with other clubs in Digital Photographer Philippines that have made a mark in the industry so I am quite confident NOCS can handle any other opportunities that may arise. Like the event I went to a couple of months ago with Melvin and the rest of the NOCS Crew; the one where Ink and photo paper were used with PIXMA Photo Printers so a souvenir would be given on the spot. That was one amazing idea and the people from the event enjoyed it. Exposure is one thing but being known for what your services are is another feather in the hat. That was really awesome that some of them asked for my services too after that gig. Even after a few stints the name of the corporation has grown a lot of attention and I am quite proud of that!

I will continue to work with the guys and make improvements on the current services NOCS handle. This hobby has indeed taken me places where I have never been literally; and with this other endeavor the team and I are heading to the possibilities which are still quite encouraging. I hope and pray that the NOCS will continue to grow in the coming months and be the largest night shift photography club in the Philippines!


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