Mr. and Ms. University of the East 2010 Second Set

Sunday, January 17, 2010

This second set is another guy from the Mr and Ms University of the East pageant. He's tall and goodlooking like me although I would have wanted more variety on his poses. He was not really cut for it I think but there were some here and there that I fancy because he looked a lot like a friend I knew in highschool. The deal is, these kind of men usually are more of a sex appeal type and not of a hunky modelsky type of way.

I am not going to vote him as photogenic but I bet he could charm his way to people's hearts once it goes into the pageant proper. I wanted him to smile a bit or look more tougher in some shots and he kinda not did that so maybe if there are some advantages in his set, it is the machismo and nice built which I think he will get to use come title night.

Here is his set, let me know what you think... =)


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