A Stroll in Greenhills

Saturday, January 16, 2010

This morning I have some things I have in mind about the short trip we had in Greenhills. This is the shopping haven for people in Manila which is situated in the Municipality of San Juan. Security is tight and obviously they are still headed by Mayor JV Ejercito. I did not know of anything that I should buy so I went there with my folks and brother to at least take the afternoon off to somewhere because I don't want to end up just lounging around the house and sleep all day.

My Mom bought pillows for our living room and got a few more pillow cases so we can change them every now and then. It was a nice green, red and yellow gold combination so it fits perfectly on our set. My brother bought late Christmas gifts for the kids of our cousin, it was on a fair price so we did not haggle anymore. I did not go upstairs anymore because I did not want to push myself and buy another cellphone. I think we have a lot of extras here... there are 2 in my bag and another one in my room. I think buying a cellphone was just luxury. In the end I did not get to buy anything but just ate fishballs and fried dumpling on a small store there. It was a nice day because at least I got to spend it with my folks and brother. =) Me one happy boy....


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