I Should Have Brought Cards!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have you ever felt something might go wrong in a business meeting? When was it? Have you finished presenting projects and sometimes think they are not enough even for your standards? Were you unsure about some deals you made in the past? You wish you could follow up with supporting documents but it's too late. I was not able to leave contact numbers because I ran out of business cards too. All that just happened yesterday. This was one of the most humiliating days in my entire life.

Remember a few articles ago when I wanted to get a little serious about my photography? I tried breaking a deal yesterday in covering an event for a former boss. He saw my work on a social networking site and got impressed enough to ask for it. If only I had some cheap business cards then I could have managed things smoothly when we parted ways. Of all the things I should forget, it was that minute detail that made it all miserable for me. If I got one, then I would not have looked unprofessional to clients. They might think I am not ready to go main stream. I just hope I did not lose this opportunity; or worse made an impression that I could not do it at all. I don't know how important business cards were until yesterday. I am willing to make amends with myself now. Where do you think I should get one? Do you have any suggestions?!


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