Another Day of Diets

Friday, January 29, 2010

It is one of those days again where I am contemplating on planning my meals in the goal of keeping my food as healthy as possible. I just got a new suit and the measurement is quite strict as far as the look is concerned. The designer did cut off every corner that was not in line with the shape of my body so if you think about it, it will make me kind of skinny. A little thinner perhaps but not that skinny but hey give me a break!

Now, I am actually back to my old self again and with that comes taking out rice in my staple since that is the one I did remove from my plate when I started a couple of years ago. Maybe today I will be using all aspects of my workout regimen and cardiovascular activities in order to make the development faster when it comes to these. I was surprised because I gained weight again when i measured this yesterday. It makes me sad but I know I have to at least take steps to get back into fighting form. I am quite worried that the 2000+ money I spend every month for gym membership might go to waste if I do not get serious about this. I have to think of other ways I could get thin, and I probably need to do it fast!


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