Start Over Dating Again

Thursday, January 14, 2010

One of the most horrific day of the year is coming (pardon the sarcasm) and I have not got a clue where and how I am going to spend it. Actually, I do not even know who to spend it with in the first place. Filipinos has this thing about celebrating cheesiness when February 14 strikes the calendar and by hook or by crook they need to celebrate Valentine's Day. Oh how I wish it never happens this year. I know I am single; but one of the greatest parts of being in this status is getting to date people whenever and wherever I want to. Maybe in the last few years of spending it alone, I might as well join the bandwagon and get a date for what humane purpose it is for. Before I got into photography, I was involved in a very bad breakup that almost got me lost and off track. My career began to suffer, I was not finishing anything. To make matters worse I was not really that happy. Though this time I think I need to be optimistic and start dating again because I am really not getting any younger. I think I need a kid too. This coming February seems apt enough to start and do this so I think I have to get gifts first. I have this girl I like from the fashion shoots we have done previously and I know how hard it is to date a model. Not that I am breaking the boundaries of the etiquette set by photographers; but since I am gunning for improvement of the race, why not involve a pretty one for pro creation right?!

Now how did I do this the last time I went out with someone you ask?!... Ahem... let me count the ways. I am a little generous when it comes to gifting people so the one I got for this pretty lady I once had was a bottle of her favorite fragrance. I went out of my way and asked a couple of her friends what to give her because I really wanted it to be special. I also wanted it to be memorable because I wanted that one to last. Even if we did not end up together, I guess I kind of still made a mark because of that. I hope I do not sound bitter; but I might just do the same for this new prospect I have. Maybe I will give her that and a bouquet of roses too. I hope my photographer friends do not get to read this new entry otherwise they will probably launch an investigation on which model I am going to date ha-ha!


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