Ampatuan Massacare Trial Starts Tomorrow

Monday, January 04, 2010

Tomorrow will be the start of a long trial process for the greatest criminal of all time MAGUINDANAO MAYOR ANDAL AMPATUAN Junior. It seems that this will be a good gauge if justice still prevails in the Philippines because he has long been tagged with the killing of about 70 journalists and politicians in the same province. I will watch the trial on cable news the whole day. I pity the victims a lot and some of them are personal friends of friends too so you could imagine the impact of this in the local scene. Even the UN has denounced these killings.
Around 75 National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents will escort him to Camp CRAME. NBI Deputy Director for Intelligence Attorney RUEL LASALA said that NBI formed a Task Force AMPATUAN to make sure that everything will be in order tomorrow.


The Philippine National Police Headquarters Support Service (PNP-HSS) will be on full alert to make sure proceedings will be smooth come the start of the trial. According to Deputy HSS Chief, Senior Superintendent Gordon DESCANZO said that there will be 360 police men will secure the court room, the path where he will be held and the other individuals that will attend the hearings. There will be no live media coverage that will take place during the trials but I am sure that major news stations will be covering this no matter how they try to stop it. Supreme Court Spokesman Attorney Midas Marquez said that they will not allow it though.

He also reiterated that electronic devices like cell phones, laptop computers, and recording devices are not allowed inside the PNP hall that will serve as the temporary court room but they will allow coverage before they start. The victims MANGUDADATU and AMPATUANS will be located separately inside as well so they won’t have any confrontations. I hope to God that he punishes the right guy and everyone who did this to innocent people.


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