Medicol Advance... Thank you!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

From Left to Right the awesome people from Medicol and Starcom Ms. Ji Candelario, Ms. Lenni Balicud, Sir Avel Bacudio, Me and Sir Abdel aka Abbie @ the Bacudio Shop. They were all so nice and accomodating!

Opportunities come and go and I have learned a lot about that fact these past few months. I witnessed something new for my self, my site and there are things that the wonderful people from Medicol Advance gave me that I will never forget. Let me take you for a spin on my final fitting with the fabulous fashion designer Avel Bacudio.

Final fitting, I was with Avel Bacudio, Ms. Lenni Balicud and Mr. Jon Santos
(Medicol Advance, Starcom and Hwangs Inc.)

Sir Avel served us caviar and blue cheese... I actually love blue cheese but as they also said it was not a thing to eat while we were in a conversation LOL he even joked about it that it smelled like you know what! Haha! =)

We were also treated to a few short stories from his trips outside of the country, but that one is private too LOL

You probably have read my first encounter with the kind designer here and it was very nice for the people from Medicol Advance to hook me up on this day so I get to see his pad. Since I live just a stone's throw away from his condo unit, I met with Ms. Lenni Balicud and Mr. Jonnifer Santos (Starcom and Hwangs inc.) in Panay Avenue and proceeded to his place after wards. Of course I took pictures!


Avel showed us around his posh place. I noticed a few key pieces that he also is fond of. I like the geometric shapes he puts into thought when he designs. Yes ladies and gentlemen, he is also a budding interior designer.


It was a whirlwind of events that happened in a few months, and this post was created to thank these people who made these great things possible! It was an awesome learning experience to attend the Medicol Advance the Nation Launch, I got a lot from their great speakers. I love the fact that I won an outfit too just because I wrote about it on my site. Thank you also to Ms. Kai Palileo also for coordinating the things needed to make this happen.

Now Sir Avel, Nuffnang Philippines and Medicol Advance got this awesome outfit for me. Now ain't that a sight for sore eyes! =)

This experience has taught me a lot about kindness, seizing opportunities and the value of having fun with life. Thank you Medicol Advance! It would never have been possible without you guys! So my dear readers from the US, The Philippines and elsewhere in the world, if you have headaches and pain you don't know how to handle; trust only Medicol Advance and they'll give you more than a cure... it's an experience you won't forget in a lifetime! I mean hey! I even popped a few when I got into the office because I had headaches from the lack of sleep and short rains in the afternoon; and that took care of it! Make sure you get one from your nearby drugstore and you probably would get the chance to win the things I have... you can never tell! =)


For those of you who wanted to see how I look like in the outfit, I decided to bite the bullet and pose for my co photographers this weekend. I'm not a model and don't worry I have not changed my mind about my photography, I'll still shoot!

Here's a sneak peek on what I look like with the outfit! Hahah!

I was so lucky!... Thank you Medicol Advance, Nuffnang Philippines and everyone who made this possible! Thank you so much for this! =)



Expanding Territories said...

Congratulations John, the outfit looks perfect! I'm looking forward to see the photos! :)

free FONT said...

warm greeting for your family

Kai said...

Hi John!

Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your outfit!

In behalf of Medicol Advance/Unilab, thank you for supporting our campaign