I Shot Mr. and Ms. UE!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

This day was great. I was able to shoot people from my beloved Alma Mater and boy did I enjoy it! The University of the East was still almost the same as when I last saw it but a lot of things had been added to the facilities that we used to have. A whole 10 or 8 story building was on the center where the old shop was and it was complete with fully air conditioned rooms, major rooms for organizations, a huge library on the topmost floor. elevators and more helipads for you know who. I had a nice time reminiscing and recalling everything around that campus. I even got the others interested about what I knew of the place when I was there. It was a really special day again and it seems that I am getting so luckier every minute. Is this all because I tried to help people and everything is returning to me tenfold? I feel so lucky sometimes that I am quite afraid that these all would be taken back from me. I wonder how this story will end but I know there should never be a repercussion to what I am doing today, I should never even think about it.

Together with my co photographers from the D60krew, we shot people who were participants of the Mr. and Ms. UE pageant. They were all nice don't get me wrong but I think there were more good looking people in our time. I would not want to point fingers but if you really saw the batch of contestants that joined before there was really a huge difference. Call me biased but if you really saw them on the previous format, it could have been so much better. People then only had 1 set of contestants to send so the college they belong to fully support them. The format now had everybody else to join and got them to even pair up with other colleges so it is like a free for all thing. The drawback is only their friends would probably support them now. I hope they know what they are doing!

I went back to Mama Lengs which is a not so posh place to hang out but boy they had the best pork chops and tapsilog when I was in college. I really missed eating there so I went ahead and invited the guys to that place and check it out, only to find out that the other 2 branches already closed down. Mama Leng had to survive with only one and it was okay for their business to flourish throughout these years. At least they are still there no matter how much ketchup I had on my plate! Hahaha, I wish I had my friends over too when I got my porksisilog ravaged in less than 10 minutes. It was a nice thing to do when all I do now is review restaurants and the only thing that made me happy was cold rice and a slice of salted pork chop LOL! It was a great day for me and I hope you guys have one too!


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