The Good and the Bad

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A good man Press Secretary Cerge Remonde this morning was all over broadcast TV because he had a heart attack. He is the spokesperson of sorts of current President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo but he never threw ill fated words to the opposition no matter how harsh they were. Unfortunately around 11:15 AM another news update indicated he already passed away. At the midst of all the political bruhahah in the Philippines, everyone still had remorse over his passing. It looks like there is still hope for Pinoys. I mean I am a good guy too but there are some who do not know what is right and wrong for this country. I hope everyone becomes educated enough to choose the best President come May of this year. Sometimes we can't do anything about it but just HOPE.

The bad, Jason Ivler who everyone thought was outside of the country after killing a guy over a traffic altercation in EDSA was raided 2 days ago in their house in Quezon City. I know he, his Mom and Dad go to the same gym I go to every morning and they are quite distinct because of how they look like. Let's just say they are quite eclectic. Jason is clad with tattoos all over his body, his mom is so tan and usually wears bohemian skirts to gym and his dad looks like Einstein. So you get the picture? Everyone is eagerly waiting what will happen to him since he is still in the ICU but handcuffed to his own bed. I know since he shot an NBI agent probably the whole NBI forces are there guarding the doors. His Mom on the other hand just got out of jail because she was charged with obstruction of justice. She kept Jason in the basement the whole time they were looking for him. Imagine that!

Bless Cerge Remondes' soul and I hope Jason gets whatever is meant for him. I have a few friends who has this big crush on him btw, now that is weird!


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