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Thursday, January 14, 2010

There were around 2000 families displaced from a fire in Paco Manila. It was where I shot the photo above. I kinda am sad today because of that. =(

Mayon Volcano alert is now down to 2. A lot of the people from evacuation centers returned to their homes. I just hope they have something to return to.

The RFID sold by LTO is now being sought for recall and refunds. Graft and corruption charges were filed today. I wonder where the money for that went.

The older and younger Ampatuan were pointed to as masterminds in the killing of 57-200 journalists. Now who will write that story if they are all dead. I hope bloggers are not next! LOL

Sugar prices increased to 50 pesos per kilogram. I still remember selling drinks when I was a kid and I only bought a kilo for around 20 bucks or less. Just don't ask me how long ago that was because you will get an idea about my age.

4 Peace keepers from the Philippines are still under the rubble as indicated in the latest news. I am now confused who to believe because yesterday they said no one was hurt. No communication still from Haiti people.

List of official candidates will be brought out today. I wonder how those who will not be in the list would feel. Specially those who were asked to be stricken from it a couple of weeks ago.

Partial solar eclipse will be seen in the Philippines tomorrow. How soon can we hope for a sunshine after all these rain of problems we have! Have faith! Have faith!


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