I Should Have Had A Better Deal

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey this just arrived! I finally got my new eyeglasses delivered to my doorstep and it fits perfectly. I just am wondering about how expensive this is and how long am I going to have to use these corrective lenses. I should have ordered through ZENNI but my Mom paid for this. I should have made the choice since I know they have cheaper ones with the same quality. Imagine eliminating the middle men and getting your spectacles three times cheaper than the original price. If Mom only knew how to use the Internet to her advantage then she would have gotten a huge discount. We could have made other plans to buy WII instead for Christmas ha-ha!

What if I told you it is possible to get these at a very reasonable price? I just checked out their on line store and saw the huge price difference between the one I have now and the one that looks like it. My jaws dropped because I could have bought it for 8 dollars instead. I should have listened to this guy who wrote this article and made my self a better deal. The other frames look better too. If only I had a choice, you know what I'll probably get!


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