Watch For FREE: MovieMov Italian Film Festival Slated April 23 - 26

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bruno Gabriel and Ashley Ortega were guests at the MovieMov Italian Film Festivval

Got the chance to see one movie last night at the Moviemov Italian Film Festival in Cinematheque Theater in Kalaw, Manila. MovieMov happens in different countries around the world and is a FREE showcase of Italian movies aimed to promote their films around the world.

Italian Cinema Now, a call they will do in Manila from April 23-26, 2019. They brought in famed Directors and Producers from Italy and got us to interview some of them last night. I asked about how they want the audience to feel about their movie but they got back to me that they wouldn’t want to impose on things, as every culture reacts differently. They have seen this first hand in other countries and during the presscon, they made the impression of leaving it to the audience. True enough, I felt the movie I watched called Una Questione Privata (first movie to be shown for this festival) evoked emotions without too much camera work. Wide shots were impressive, didn’t depend so much with actor faces to tell the story because even if you are seeing them so small on screen, you can feel them, immediately.

Federica Sabatini says “It is a piece of art, I traveled in different places like Busan, and first time here.”

Mario Sesti says “I know how important it is to stress the closeness of reality and fantasy.”

Agostino Ferrente says “I’d like to give my thoughts to the victims of the earthquake.”

David Fabros represented Ms. Liza Diño Seguerra and he says “On behalf of FDCP, we welcome you to Cinematheque Manila. It cultivated the appreciation of Italian cinema in the Philippines, this year they brought 9 films. Aside from screenings, there will be two master classes from Sir Mario sometime during the week so for serious takers, take the time to attend these. Hope we foster exchange, thank you for bringing this to Manila. Gracci mille!”

From the Italian Embassy in Manila, they said “We are happy to see you all. Italian Cinema is underrated, so far away from our country, very old, very rich, but very innovative. Thank you for hosting this event, we hope the Filipino public will participate in great numbers.”

Lisandro Millani of the PIA says “We are happy to participate in this discussion about moviemov here in Manila. Ms Liza Diño and David Fabros, they worked very hard in making this happen. Yesterday, there was an earthquake, even today, no work supposedly but they opened for us. That is commitment. Ths PIA is glad to be a partner, cinema is an important part of our program, even our cultural programs and exchanges. It’s our 12th edition this year, thanks to our partners. We will also organize Philippine Euro Film Festival in Europe very soon, here’s to a more meaningful cooperation soon!”

Fabio Goudini says “I want to thank everyone especially PIA even on holidays. Everyone who accompanied me in promoting Italian film in Asia and South America. It’s our 5th edition, we realized this country is ready to receive new works from artists and directors, the selection here is something we will enjoy more. We are more interested now to offer you Italian Cinema, I ask you in the next evenings to come to give your votes so we know which one you’ll like. Thank you to the Godmother of this festival as well.”

Mario Sesti says “It’s an honor for me to introduce this film (UNA QUESTIONE PRIVATA). The outstanding quality of shooting at night time is something to appreciate, they called me and said good things afterwards. Our friendship with a songwriter in Italy, to speak here is touching, I am passionate about their work, filmed to show the 60’s and 70’s to show it is possible to handle the deep heart of cinema and political issues. Allow me to show you how important and exciting it is, it’s people and how they felt to transform the nature and control a lot of people like a melodrama. It’s like a dance, singing, and acting like in a theatre. It has a meaningful way of story telling, important to historical themed films during a difficult time in Italy, right after the fight with the nazis. The love, and politics, to keep them together like sides of a coin. The brothers started to film because they like the work of Rossilini, something who can link Italian people together, to fight facism, the chance to be free. I hope you enjoy the movie.”

This is all FREE, just go to the venue and ask for it. They brought 9 masterpieces for you to enjoy and they will be showcasing most of it in the coming days. Manuel, Saremo Giovani E Bellisimi, C’E Tempo, Il Cratere, La Paranza Dei Bambini, Selfie, Troppa Grazia and Bertolucci’s The Dreamers will have their screenings today and until the 26th. Make sure you visit Cinematheque in Kalaw to watch it, then vote why you would want the movie to win afterwards. There will be two masterclasses for film making, so if you are also serious about your craft, you may do it too with one of Italy’s famed Director Mario Sesti.


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