Promising, Young and Eager to Serve: Chuckie Antonio

Friday, April 12, 2019

This season of choosing a leader amongst us has probably never been more important. The ordeal of the of the new year brings hope, like any Filipino conquest, to find people who would go out of their way to serve the populace rather than themselves. I believe in the youth, even amongst their flaws. Though not perfect, we do not lose that gusto to seek the hope that they can do more. I met one fine gentleman a few nights ago, his name is Chuckie Antonio. He’s only 26, running to serve the third district of Quezon City. He’s also got a masters degree from a very reputable business school in Singapore. He’s also running as an independent candidate, he was very hungry to tell his story. I listened in.

Chuckie says “I started when I was 15 years old, as an SK Kagawad first - and decided to run for Barangay Kagawad (which he did for 3 terms). I haven’t been influenced by anyone, my folks are very private people. I enjoy this. When I started I visited the 37 barangays and tried to really know health, education. I tried to do modeling, was part of Star Circle Batch 10. I wasn’t being so serious about acting, I was very young and I wanted to focus more on education. This new generation isn’t really better than the previous ones, I just feel I need to represent the youth. Things are already good, but I want to make lifestyle programs to make it easier to live in the district. To keep the youth active. It also helps that I have done a lot of activities with the seniors. I don’t want them to feel left out. I won’t forget them, they feel I am their grandson. I ran independently but I didn’t want the drama, I have always done it like that when I ran for Kagawad. I dedicated months, 5 weeks left. I go to their houses, I bring my youth to reach the people. I put in a lot of hard work to asses where I could contribute at my capacity in this district. I consider them all like friends after all.”

“I know what they are going through. I try to know the problems by directly talking to the people. I’d prioritize healthcare and medical assistance, free education, all of which could be a possibility for the city.”

“Disheartened? It happens to everyone, I am happy when I get to make a change in people’s lives. To reach more people. When it comes to the youth, I am glad that in our district, they are very participative.”

“It’s not that I won’t run just because they didn’t get me for their parties, but I really wanted to do it. I understand that I just got back a little late to complete my masters in Singapore and parties were already filled. Since I was in that position, my parents told me to check how it feels on the ground.”

“During very trying times, I learned to do a lot of things and I felt that if I didn’t do this, I’ll regret it later. I felt when I visited their homes, I could get their support. My point is, I hope they felt I was sincere with what I wanted to do with the third district.”

“My last relationship was when I was 22, very young so I didn’t settle, I got swayed on being a little impatient, on finding someone better. I don’t have high standards but I am looking for someone who I could spend the rest of my life with and I know it will come soon.”

I am not saying you should vote for him, nor am I endorsing him. You have options - and to spark change you want in your hood, you need people who need to do it with the eagerness to serve the greater majority of your district. I met a very eloquent guy who did his job for the community he served for three terms, if he wants to do more, who are we to stop em?

Thanks for the opportunity to know you Chuckie. I am a little envious that I live in a different district from yours, you know what you are doing and they’d be so lucky if they had you there.


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