Ken Chan and Rita Daniela for My Special Love Concert

Monday, April 29, 2019

You miss Boyet and Aubrey? You bet you do! But don’t worry because Ken Chan and Rita Daniela won’t let you down as they do the “My Special Love” concert at the Music Museum this May 11 at 6PM. This is their way of thanking thousands of their fans + more.

Ken says “This concert will surely have our story on how we reached for our dreams, we’ll be doing it with our song numbers and people can expect a lot of throwback moments. Right now, I am getting ready for the release of my single “1 Like” which has been getting airplay in LS and other radio stations because starting April 30, it will be available on streaming stores and a brand new music video via the GMA Music Youtube channel too. You will see a different Daniela here because if you see her feisty on screen, she's even more than that in person. She's got more effort put in this than I do and I am a little terrified how I'm gonna look like and not just  a mall show Ken Chan LOL. I have always said Rita Daniela isn't hard to love, if she loves someone, he will be a very lucky guy, I see how she cares for me and she is not just girlfriend material, but wife material. Rita is like me, a female version of me.” 

Rita added “I’m really excited about the people we’re collaborating with. We’ll have guests who actually have autism and or intellectual disabilities, we believe they are part of our success so we want them to be a part of it. I also have a new single called “Florita” whom I co wrote with Randy Salvador. It will be under GMA Music and is already available in major streaming services worldwide! You don't prepare when you meet your supposed husband but I do make an effort, and I think he sees that. I also see how Ken takes care of his parents, I also see how he does so good in his craft and hopefully you'll see more of that in the concert. The set list is a story so you will be seeing 4 people in the concert, it's gonna be Rita, Ken, Boyet and Aubrey. We have also chosen a charity organization that will benefit from this and they will be part of the concert. You will be seeing some of our costars and also some singers who have given their time and effort for the cause too. I can confirm we'll have our next project and it will be with Ken again, it's something you all should look forward to in the next few months.”

In the concert, they will also be having guests from The Clash alumni Jong Madaliday, Garett Bolden and Anthony Rosaldo. For tickets, you can get them via (8919999) or the Music Museum Ticketron (7210635). Fall in love with BoBrey all over again, you should go!


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