Maine Mendoza, Drew Arellano and Nico Bolzico for SHELL

Monday, April 08, 2019

Today is a great day for news this good. Pilipinas Shell Corporation seem to be making their presence felt locally with heavy named celebrities Maine Mendoza, Drew Arellano and Nico Bolzico. In an effort to show how Filipinos relate their personal experiences in using their products, they chose the three to be the faces of their quality fuel products, some of which their formulations has been just launched last year.

Maine Mendoza is the brand ambassador for Shell FuelSave. It’s propreitary Dynaflex Technology is made to help improve engine efficiency, so you’re expected to run and get better with it in your system. For those who don’t know, Maine Mendoza’s own family owns several Shell Station dealerships. She says “My parents wanted to invest in a company with credibility and quality. We didn’t second guess doing it with Shell. I have always been practical, to go with smart options and Shell FuelSave made our cars/vans very fuel efficient. We took a franchise 20 years ago, I get to share more what I know about it. I love long drives, north to south, if not a beach, I just love driving. Sometimes we just want to take a break, I bring a lot of food. I use FuelSave for Eat Bulaga remote areas and it is sulit na, may savings pa! We will help bring more exciting news for our customers, Shell has good toilets, yun pa lang pwede na puntahan!”

Drew Arellano on the other had chooses Shell V-Power and says “This is a premium gasoline with boosted Dynaflex Technology. Just like Maines, it does the same job in engine performance and efficiency. I have never had problems since I started using it. I use it on my bikes, my car, my van for my family. They also support movements for road safety and environmental sustainability. I drive for work, I use it also for long rides and racing. I focus on the road because it makes me relaxed. It’s a no brainer. We are going to have to talk about car maintenance.”

Nico Bolzico adds “This is my most trusted fuel brand and I am impressed on how they partnered with Plastic Bank and Global Road Safety Partnership Philippines. Even in Argentina I have already used this and I would never compromise on quality because obviously this is world class! We see the people behind the brand and we are proud to be part of it. My Dad refuse to use other brands in Argentina, he doesn’t even understand it but when I told them about it they were very happy. It involves much more than business and I am glad I represent the brand. I drive for work and do it in North and South because of our farms. We count on Shell for business. I will share with you our work with Pilipinas Shell Foundation. We are also going to promote road safety, all those things with the best fuel company in the world!”

Mark Malabanan the Shell V-Power Brand Manager says “We have the best fuels for any kind of motorist. We chose them because they are living testaments to what we stand for as a brand. We have value to give to our customers. We are partners with the Philippines in nation building as we celebrate our 105th year in the country. Dynaflex Technology has friction reducing ingredients, you get the most out of every liter. You get to do more with less.”

Big and cleaner energy solutions, quality products and their advocacy to safety and social responsibility has made them who they are today. With their more relatable faces in frontlines, you will see more of them in advertising on TV, print and perhaps all their collaterals. Watch out for it online too!

We worked with celebrities but are very picky, and Maine, Drew and Nico, we are looking for brand ambassadors who attest to the brand and they do involve Shell.


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