Affordable Gaming Monitors from AOPEN

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Gaming isn’t a cheap hobby, you can ask one and they’ll tell you a story. These days, you wouldn’t be surprised to see a monitor that cost an arm and a leg because if you’re looking for tons of features, or just the bare essentials, brands put their names on it and it’ll cost a fortune already. Newcomer AOPEN just released a few monitors in the Philippine market and they let us take a glimpse of it at 12 Monkeys in Ortigas.

From flat screens to curved ones, new gamers can now enjoy fully functioning gaming products without breaking the bank. Imagine my surprise seeing monitor prices as low as Php 3,400 up until Php 23,499 for the high end 32inch ones, with relatively nice performing hardware. Not bad, not bad at all. AOPEN is also co-owned by ACER so you really know someone is backing them up.

The 19CX1Q is a nice flat monitor, it can also be mounted on walls, 18.5 inch display, 1366x768 @60 Hz resolution, it’s also sold with a 3 year warranty. Their prime 32HC1QUR Pbidpx has a 31.5 display, 2560x1440 @144 Hz resolution, uses AMD Radeon Freesync Technology, QHD Resolution with Zeroframe design and has got Bluelightshield and Flickerless technology so you won’t get much fatigued if it happens. They’ve got more but they only displayed around 3 models during the event.

Ken Wan ACER AVP says “I was invited here to launch a few products and I am excited about this. AOPEN is an independent company in Taiwan and has been for 26 years. It has always been cheaper, business is changing, and their key products are signages, and has been seen with high potential. We want to optimize their key business so we are injecting a lot now that we have 40% stake. ACER will get to take care of marketing and after sales support. This is the relationship between the two companies. When I went m to the US, they told us this market is tough, it is shrinking, but gaming is not in the past years. Now we are creating more via Predator and for this, AOPEN is starting gaming display, a more young and energetic brand. You can tell by the features and design. While users buy AOPEN products, they get software support as well. If you play a video, your lighting will also follow, so will it follow character moves and life bars. Making it a better gaming experience even at an affordable price. AOPEN will not be one device, keyboard, mouse, monitors, a whole ecosystem very soon! Thank you for your support to make a big bang for AOPEN. Thank you!”

Michelle Leonardo the Product Lead for ACER AOPEN products says “HC1 series monitors will make game play smoother, full hd resolution and 6 axis color adjustment and a lot of other features. We have the ML1 series monitors that has got WQHD resolution, tiltable stand. We also have the MX1 series that is best for FPS games, 24/22 inch models that cost less than 8K. Consumer monitors CH1 series does Full HD 1080p costing only 4650 and 3,800 pesos respectively. The CX1 is our 19 inch model, only costs Php 3,400.”

Now go check their products out if you’re looking for gaming products that won’t hurt your pocket.

Maybe AOPEN is good for you. They have great options.


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