Japanese Vixen Naho Oue Desires PH Showbiz Career

Saturday, April 13, 2019

My fondness of Japan stems decades of my curiosity about their country. It may have been a decade of Korean Pop culture but we can never discount artists that come from Japan too. They have a different aesthetic, their beauty regimen is also different, so when I got to meet Naho Oue this morning, I had a lot of questions to ask.

She’s a successful businesswoman in Japan. She’s in the country initially to put up a center for stem cell treatments and regenerative medicine. She’s planning to do that in the next few months, but in hindsight, she saw the opportunity to do what she’s passionate about. She wants to have a path of career much like Ryan Bang who even if she’s not a Filipino national, she wants to entertain, be part of the very colorful world of Philippine show business. She’s doing the legwork now and started to learn Filipino first, which she hopes she could master in a few years. She candidly tells us how she fell in love with the Philippines. (Interview was in Japanese but her interpreter helped out conducting the small chat)

Ms. Naho Oue says “When I first came here, I went to the slums of Tondo and Smokey Mountain area, I instantly fell in love with the kids there. I do feeding programs about twice a month if I’m not busy. I am just a conduit of people who wanted to help (from Japan).

She adds “I do have plans of putting up a restaurant as I already have one in Japan. Maybe in Malate or Trinoma if it happens. Maybe for now while I am waiting for spaces to be available I’ll go put up before Christmas season. Same with the Stem Cell and the regenerative center which I hope will happen soon.

With twinkle in her eyes she exclaimed “I love Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo! I have been long wanting to enter showbusiness in the Philippines. Daniel is so pogi! I love him! If I get to be known here I would be better off getting funds from partners because I really want to help kids in Manila. The celebrity status would really help too. I want to learn Tagalog, currently I am doing 1 hour classes everyday to do it. I learn a lot on the internet too. I really love to enter showbusiness and perhaps replicate Ryan Bang’s fortune. I am 26, in Japan I have also modeled a little and I see the opportunity to do that and more is very nice here. I plan to also put up the stem scell clinic here in Quezon City and perhaps one in Makati. Stem cell injections are just some of the usual things we do in Japan. It will be named Dia Lumina here in the Philippines. Stem cell treatments have been very popular in your country but the one we are offering will be very different. Actually, some of the stem cell procedures being done here is banned in Japan; but the one I am bringing in is better. It will be based on human stem cell. Right now as a beauty regimen, I only use stem cell oil. With stem cell, you have to be 18 and up but if you are younger and have skin problems, it can be a cure. It is expensive but in the US it could be even double the price. I don’t know if that accounts on why even if I eat everything I don’t get fat. I love nilaga, adobo and lechon.”

About the difference between pinays and Japanese women, she shares her observations that “Filipinas are very hard working, Japanese women tend to stay at home when they get married, they rarely use make up too.

About the center, she adds “I will be bringing in Japanese doctors who will do training for the local doctors and staff here. They will need to stay a while and do it so the local ones will be at par or even hopefully even better than them in Japan.

Speaking of skills, I also plan to put up a skills school and perhaps try to also find them jobs in Japan. From carpentry, beauty, things like that. I brought my Mom here too so if I do have commitments she can personally take care of him (her cute son). Hopefully he’ll be studying in an international school here in the Philippines.”

Naho Oue will be guesting in several local shows and entertainment news outlets very soon. Hopefully, she’ll get to charm you with her antics, she's pretty, but in some way despite the language barrier, she was very funny and fun to talk to.


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