Go Vote Movement Launch

Monday, April 01, 2019

Do you still vote? I do, I deem it one of my rights as a citizen of the Philippines to choose who I see fit as a leader. I exercise that right every time there is an election, because I feel we wouldn’t have rights to complain from government services because we didn’t do it. That is the principle I live by hence I never miss one. It’s sad though that there are tons of Filipinos who do not go out and vote, they have their excuses, but this shouldn’t be the case. The government sets this as a non working holiday, you have the whole day to do it, if you choose not to, that’s not a good thing.

This morning I was at the launch of the GO VOTE MOVEMENT. It’s a non partisan, non governmental organization made up of volunteers who would encourage registered Filipino voters to go out and vote on May 13, 2019. They also are doing it through free voters education all throughout the country. The low turnout of voters always has been a very evident problem and this is the solution they’ve come up with on talks done by MLQU President Jerry Acuzar, former DOJ Undersecretary Erickso Balmes and GVM President and Convenor Atty. Erickson Balmes.

Atty. Irene Chiu says “One of our basic human rights is to partake in elections, we do this by voting. This is our way to tell others who we want to represent us. This is a non partisan, non governmental organization, we are all volunteers here. We invite you to join us in this advocacy, we encourage you to vote, this is not about us, this is about your right, your responsibility for your future.”

Attu. Erickson Balmes says “An educated voter can make a good decision. They will be more participatory in elections, we are lecturing now all over the country to various stakeholders. We advocating transparent elections, hopefully to break records of voter turnout this 2019. We now have been around the country to encourage people to do their duty as citizens, go vote on 2019!”

They have already started these seminars in MLQU last March 14, and continue to do so til now. With their efforts, they wish to see greater participation this year. If you would like to be part of this movement, call 0945 3483784 or email them via govotemovement@gmail.com.


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