You Can Transfer Funds for Free with GCASH

Thursday, April 04, 2019

I'm sitting here in a coffee shop rushing for articles I should have made last week because the big construction chores at home had me occupied... I couldn't finish em all. Since it is also the end of the month, I also need to pay bills and do bank errands. Even though my bank is near, I really don't have time to go there and line up for hours. It's been that busy, but di you know you can transfer funds for free with GCash?

We all wished for banking convenience and these days, going physically to the bank would cost transportation, countless hours wasted queueing, when you could have just be productive at home. It's amazing that they have apps now that could do banking transactions these days that you can do stuff at home or anywhere you have an internet connection. Bank owned apps though only get you limited and if you need to do transactions elsewhere, that would take so much effort. What about transferring funds? Would I need to personally go to banks here in my hood then go to another one 5 miles away just to do it because my app doesn't care? Do I have to suffer the same fate as countless Filipinos do in lines across the country? Maybe we all need to learn from GCASH.

GCash to Bank and Bank to GCash transfers cost free

GCASH now has the ability to trasnfer funds from GCASH to bank and bank to GCASH too. The catch? There's no catch because doing it is completely FREE. You get a hold of your time and you don't have to waste time sitting in the bank for hours waiting for hundreds of numbers to be called because this thing is instantaneous, it's crazy true! They've also got about 37 banks on their system and you could do even more if you link in your accounts in the app, no need to change numbers either because GCASH can work with Globe and other networks. Instapay is in its backbone which is an amazing Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas service, all safe and secure.

They even email you details of your transaction. It normally takes seconds to reflect on your account.

I see a glimpse of hope in a country I've felt so hopeless with in the past few years. Hearing news like these makes it easy for any citizen to work efficiently, spend precious time to worthy things and save a lot of people from the stress of banking. 

How about that?


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