Gabbi Garcia for HKT Fragrances

Monday, April 15, 2019

You've seen it in her timeline and yes, it's called HKT Fragrances. As Gabbi Garcia made headlines copping several international and local endorsements, she felt it was time to launch her new business (with her partners) and finally come out with a fragrance line catered to this generations needs. They call it Hookt which came from the millennial term shookt and they deemed it perfect name to represent something that the youth can use everyday, because it's affordable, lasts quite a while and something she uses.

Gabbi's personal favorite variety is Yaaass Queen and Extra but you have 10 to choose from so it would match your personality.

Packaging is right, not too huge, not too small and you can carry it around with ease even on flights. If you want to spruce up, freshen up in bathroom breaks, it will only cost you Php 399 on Lazada. Check out the other fragrances on or Lazada or @hooktph in social media channels.

Gabbi adds “I am excited also about my movie project called LSS. The movie will be a musical, Ben and Ben and Khalil will be there. It’s not just them playing music, they will be acting as well. GMA is also developing a concept for me so we’ve got a lot of shows to look out for this year!”

(Thanks to Belo Medical Group, Goodbagph and Maybelline for their giveaways!)

Here's more of Gabbi's interview this afternoon

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