Sharon Cuneta’s Brother Chet Tries To Fly Pasay City

Friday, April 26, 2019

I have been oblivious of what is happening in Pasay City for the last few years. I had to google who the current Mayor is and honestly someone has to step up, a man from the Cuneta clan is running for Mayor and has been supported heavily by showbiz icon and megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta.

Chet Cuneta introduced himself to us and he said “I am a pilot, been one for 33 years. Didn’t plan this but was urged by the President in Davao. I am married to Michelle and have 7 children. I am 57 years old and hopefully, be full time in serving the people of Pasay. I was in the private sector, didn’t push much in 1998 when I ran for councilor. My sister Sharon Cuneta, all the love and moral support, she gives me with no conditions. I am going to rehabilitate Pasay General Hospital, also Pasay Astrodome, and other structures. Being the 8th richest city in the country, Pasay can do it. Albeit having a lot of poor people, they need basic services. My friends who have retired, they happily fly but cry when they land, I want to make the best of my life by serving the people of Pasay. My Dad had 42 years of service to the country, I have seen the need to run the city properly. Health Care, Senior Citizens, Education, hopefully to build more hospitals because there is a need to do that. People here might not be able to live when they reach the hospital because it’s traffic. We need more for the other parts of the city, maybe 4 and rehabilitate the existing one. There is corruption, ghost employees in the past few years, we need to give jobs to people so they have dignity, ways to make their lives better. I want people to see the difference between us, we don’t want them to remove my tarps anymore because they pay people to do that. The reason some Barangay officials and city officials have been against me because they have been getting allowances.

I don’t want to play dirty politics, I want to be at par or push more projects like what my Dad has done for the city. I don’t want to tolerate any monkey business, I will audit these corrupt local officials, maybe do a lot of operations against drug offenders. I see how my Sister support and love me despite all these bad publicity against me, my tagline is “Bagong Umaga, Pasay Bangon Na!”. I do leadership by example, I can’t do this alone but it has to start with yourself, I hope they come and help me achieve this.

My Dad has been very helpful, I want to be as humble as he was, I want to be like him during his time, to be a strict one, a good example to them. I am strict by nature, to consider everything before flying, I check everything and make preparations before taking off. It will be a fair administration, I want them to love me like a father. Aside from basic services, I want the people of Pasay to have employment opportunities, to do training programs so they qualify businesses. There are places here that can have social housing, hopefully done in my term.”

The incumbent Mayor met with a Chinese businessman and wanted part of it to be his for his own retirement. The man went to the President - it’s why it went to the national government, more businesses means more money for the city. If you are asking me if I am for or against it, I can do either, we have no land or places to develop here, but if in case the airport is going to Bulacan, I want to maybe perhaps do something more useful with the land because the national government owns it, and because Pasay has jurisdiction over it. I also want better or easier means of doing business here, maybe 3 days, hopefully one day if it happens. I have to study all the possibilities.”

With the ways things are going, Pasay City has a lot of options and voters should study who can make their lives better. I am in no way endorsing him because I don’t live there, he proudly pronounced how he would do a better job than the incumbent and want you to vote only if you want the change. This interview should give you an idea about him.

You choose them for their merits - I hope. I’d do the same in my city.


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