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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Mom is the best cook at home. No contest.

She's the queen, the kind that would whip up some good ol home cooking whenever, wherever and however our meals happen at the dinner table. She learned through life experiences and always made it a point to go home at the same time, so we can eat together almost everyday. Food bonds us all, hence our big pudgy family. 

Just like you, I want to continue this tradition, but it's not always a good day for them to spend all day in the kitchen. They get "aged" but not old... and I don't want her to get tired. Now who do you call for help when this happens? Perhaps your LOLA? Or maybe your TITALLENNIALS?

This SME business made for and by Moms in their own right are now selling frozen items, dairy products and even teach you how to cook it. If you check out their Facebook Page here Facebook.com/Titallennials/, they have easy to follow recipes on videos so you don't really have to be a genius to do it yourself. Aside from that, they also put instructions on the label of the products they sell so it was a breeze for my relative who couldn't even boil an egg LOL!

The Pork Tocino was something I like too. It wasn't overly sweet, it won't get your kids to run around because of a rush. They probably spent a lot of time researching the recipes because this would cater to a more general market. They didn't have to make it extremes, they did it just right.

My Mom loved the Homemade Garlic Longganisa. It was just something good served on the 4th day for breakfast. It was garlicky but still sweet so it's like a mix of spiced and hamonado type of sausages. My Mom always looks forward to breaks like that, garlic rice and the longganisa plus a cup of sugar free coffee, she's good with that.

The Chicken Teriyaki was sweet and savory. I didn't even have to go out and dress up to be in a Japanese joint to have this. They deliver straight to your doorstep so just give them your details and enjoy the meal.

I love the Japanese Dumplings. I'm saying that because I felt and tasted like it was new even if it was already frozen when I got it. I simply put a rack on top of boiling water, waited for it to cook and got still firm wrappers and chinese restaurant like quality on the dumplings.

My personal favorite was the All Meat Franks. It had the right amount of spice, a little crispy-chewy outside but still juicy inside. I ate it as soon as it landed on the table, I dreamed about it the next day LOL!

Now if you want a treat like this in the comforts of your home, I'll post their pricelist on this article. You may order through their page which I mentioned earlier or their number 09209274177 and look for Anna Chan. Thing is, there are no minimum orders, you just have to pay for delivery. So if you want to save, order a lot!

I'm actually eyeing those dairy products next, Titallennials might actually save you and your family some trouble. Go call them quick!

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