WEEXPRESS Starts Operations in Metro Manila

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Bicycles and Motorcycles are in a way a tad environmentally apt especially in Asian countries. Manila traffic has been horrendous - so why not make it the opportune time to just stay at home, the office and be more productive and let other people take the job of delivery. This is where WeeXpress comes in.

Soon they are going to have total logistics solutions but for the mean time, they have a fleet of bikes and Motorcycles that would be able to deliver mails, packages,and just about anything imaginable that their mode of transportation can carry. Payment right now is only cash and their guarantee is 8 hours from sender to receiver, yeah same day delivery, wouldn't that be a nice thing?

Book a pickup, wait for the rider, track your parcel and get it delivered! Their Facebook page is Facebook.com/WeeXpresstm. First three kilometers only cost 60 pesos, there is a 10 peso difference if you plan to do it via roadside or door to door. Their delivery men are mostly bikers so it is environmentally safe. They can go through traffic with ease so if you plan to surprise people this Christmas, you know who to call. They are also planning Visayas and Mindanao operations next year so don't worry. As of now, they will service the greater Manila area. Easy, stress free, and would you believe, environmentally responsible to do it.

Michael Maranan the WeeXpress Chairman says "This was my concept in 2010 and I want the riders to have an opportunity to earn, to make those who need work to actually have something he or she could live by. I have been industry for a few years and everything is fast, we aim to be the cheapest fastest and environmentally conscious delivery service. We earn and help other people. They bike, exercise and stay healthy while they are earning through our app. Online sellers also will benefit from this, we have safeguards also in hiring riders so your parcel will always be safe."

Aside from that, they have dedictaed people to answer your queries and support you with your rider needs.

Make sure it's 5 kilos for bikes, 15 kilos for motorbikes. Download the app today!

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