Fun at JCO Wonderland!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Spent the morning at Glorietta 2 to see what our friends from JCO Donuts have prepared because they promised us in the invitation that we will be taken to JCO Wonderland. If you buy JCO donuts from November until today and saved the receipt, you get in for free. You get to participate in the fun games and win a couple of prizes including FREE donuts, Coffee and GC’s!

JCO also has been helping a charity organization called Concordia Children's Services as they take part of their sales profits to fun their education, living costs and supplies. Aside from that, they want to give back to their customers through these special activities, all for the love of donuts!

Visit their website and social media accounts for more details, visit them today at the Glorietta 2 activity area today if you have time!

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