Feng Shui Convention for Year of the Earth Boar with Ms. Marites Allen

Thursday, November 22, 2018

The year of the BOAR is all about Balance, Opportunity, Abundance and Rewards. When Queen of Feng Shui Marites Allen did her annual Feng Shui Convention at fabulous Conrad Manila, I was a little iffy because in the past year, I have some of the most unreal things happen in my life that has been consistent on the Marites Allen app which I dowloaded on Google Play or iOS. Scary even and I’m not joking. I am not going into details about that but I’ll tell you about this event instead.

Marites begins telling us about our Annual Feng Shui start ahead of everyone else. Apparently she’s not immune to bad luck when a frame fell on her while she was doing business in the toilet. She got rushed to the hospital and got surgery for a broken nose. It was on the southwest and she’s doing this event also on a conflict day in the month of the BOAR. She has her charms now, and during that ordeal she didn’t panic, she kept thinking this happened with reason and it is time to change things at home. She gave us strog advise about our Astrology “Secret Friends” and Enemies. She also told us about how to stay away from robbery, illness, arguments and misfortune. She also added about windfalls, wealth centers, victory directions, prosperity, romance and travel too so we can take advantage of it and put countermeasures if all else seems impossible. 

She has a line in Frigga like shawls and clothes which can do that including charms, figures that can help too.

If you’ve figured out your chart reads, you should never just toy around with the idea that it will not happen to you, because last year I just brushed some off but when it happened I felt it was just scary. Though I heard through this conference, they have plans to digitize some of the processes they have implimented, so data would be easier to understand especially if you can't follow much of the terminology they use.

In a way, you always have your free will and you can use it. If this makes all your luck come, I would advise you get as much help as you can get. Marites Allen gives you the 411 as far as Feng Shui is concerned, you just need to use it to your advantage. 

This is what I learned during the conference.

All the luck in the world!

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