MARUGAME UDON Opens at UP Town Center

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Marugame Udon has always been my go to place for a Japanese fix. So does the thousands of Filipinos who have enjoyed it too, braving the lines everyday because this particular joint not only serves good food, but stayed affordable no matter what pressure the market brings. I adore them for that!

Their Onigiri was worth passing for my NO RICE diet. The seasoned rice and maguro was hugged so tight by the seaweed, it all felt like a gigantic roll. I felt I was okay and full already, but there was so much more to try at Marugame Udon
The Inarizushi is this tofu skin with rice inside and the other things they have on the counter we're just amazing! You can put them on a separate plate like this  Chicken Karaage and Shrimp  Tempura, tons to choose from and they do not cost that much especially the Pork Tonkatsu which costs 75. Now who would even want to miss this?

A favorite among their patrons is this Beef Ontama Bukkake Udon and I'm not surprised. It's the only thing you would want on a rainy day, on a cold night or just about anytime you need comfort food. Really good and filling.

They also have a separate counter where  you can fill your bowl with crispy Tempura batter, different Japanese spices,  sauces and chopped leeks.

I was looking for something  strong this morning so I had the lovely Curry Udon. I am so in love with Japanese Curry and the thick noodles were coated well, I slurped my way to nirvana!

The good news is, Marugame Udon is now open at the posh UP Town Center at Katipunan Avenue. Just go to the Phase 2 area and they have a line there usually. You won't miss it, and you shouldn't because Japanese food need not to be too expensive for you to enjoy it. Now before I forget, ask them to reheat the fried stuff like the Pork Tonkatsu and that would be perfect, they didn't mind at all. Before I end this blog, let me take you around Marugame Udon at UP Town Center, enjoy!

Now Ateneans, UP peeps have a whole lotta reasons to be at this mall, with quality food and affordable prices, how can they go wrong?!

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