10K Everyday, 10 Million Grand Prize from PAYMAYA

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

This Christmas there will be MORE promos, MORE gifts courtesy of our friends from Paymaya. 

VP Bussiness Head Kenneth Palacios says “We will have more solutions and more technologies and there will be more advancements in the payment heiarchy. We are moving up, and we are growing 10 percent so our local banks are giving options and reasons to think we get better than cash value with Paymaya. To transfer money from one to the other without any fees, our Paymaya customers even use it on a daily basis. You bought fish balls earlier cashless using Paymaya and we will have more merchant offers. McDonalds is going cashless, Chooks To Go, public markets, government agencies, we will try to empower businesses with it all throughout the country in a more digital way. You’ve heard wechat in China, all the security they employ like facial recognition, remittances directly to their wallets, we are expanding bills, telcos, games, plus more ways to add money. In the end, Paymaya is not just a product, but an innovation from the Philippines. We want to push it to other countries too, validated by industry experts, new investorsfor Voyager and its people. We have other products that would grow even more powerful in the next few years and we will go beyond the app, payments will become seamless and meaningful. There is so much more to this than convenience.”

VP and Head of Marketing Raymund Villanueva says “Last year we shared the love and this year we plan MORE than that so we are dubbing this #PaymayaPaMore. Based on promos we had weeks ago, a person told me that they are getting a lot than their own credit cards, that is exactly what we want to do. Ours is very convenient, has cashbacks, no need to bring a wallet, just our phones and there will come a time everyone will do it too. In our office we do the same, we pay bills, issue game pins, shop online, this 4th quarter Paymaya will be rewarding you. There will be massive discounts with all our partner merchants, a lot of cashbacks too. For the announcement: On 11-11 we will give 11% cashback, mac of 300 pesos. Aside from that, we will have more discounts from our partner merchants 50% on Lazada, plus 20% on Zalora. With Paymaya, we are also giving Php 10,000 paymaya credits EVERYDAY. If you upgrade your paymaya account, you will receive 10 raffle entries, if you send money to family or friends, you will get 1 raffle entry with 10 pesos, for every telco load, you will receive another raffle ticket, if you pay your bills on the Paymaya app, you will receive another ticket (fully paid), almost every transaction imaginable on Paymaya will get you tickets, there are other ways so make sure you do it now. If you do 4/6 ways, you get 100 raffle tickets, the more you use Paymaya, the more chances you win in our 10K Everyday raffle. For our winners, we will be giving away a grand prize of 10 MILLION PESOS... no joke! Now if you won that, what would you do with it?”

Wow, so aside from the 10,000 everyday, you get the chance to also win 10 Million??? Okay that is crazy. Now what would you do to get all that? Start downloading the Paymaya app, upgrade to a physical card too, to get more chances of winning!

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