JABRA Launches New Wireless Line and Enterprise Products

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Haven't really seen this brand for quite a while now, but they still exist and doing apparently good in the Philippine market. This was held this morning over at The Brewery at the Palace in BGC. Honestly I was too tired from the traffic going there but I knew I had to see them again as they release new products. I am actually keen on getting wireless headsets especially for active wear, they had that and more!

The Jabra Elite 65 T True Wireless Headphones looks and feels good, their promise is pretty much achieving calls that ultimately sounds like music. It is available for Php 10,400, and I guess you get what you pay for. They also have the Elite 45E, which outlasts the best in the market with 8 hours worth of power, sound quality that is engineered with a two microphones technology. It also contours on the neck and one touch button for Google and Siri. The Jabra Elite 65E has business quality noise cancelling features, superior sound for wireless calls and music, 3 microphone technology assuring you are fully immersed in the moment. It costs Php 12,000+ and is available in the Philippines. For less wireless connection drops and better sounding music, they also have the Jabra Active 65T which has in ear stability, it can also track speed, distance and time, comes with a charging case and is only Php 11,999 all customizable with the Jabra Sound+ App which has an equalizer, you can adjust your voice in a call, or even hear the outside world as well as you want to.

Larson for the enterprise products on the other hand explained Jabra's digital headsets that is good for contact centers specifixally Jabra Engage 50. With their market research they find out what people need, even read reviews so they have on hand information to make their products improve everytime they come out with one. Customer calls become complicated and getting information back and forth is integral in solutions they need to provide. They want to utilize AI and advanced technologies to make sure they have devices that works for their needs. If they walk around, or want less noise in the office, the Jabra Engage 50 is powered by software that have analytics, inventory management, in the software itself. Contact Center agents and decision makers need to know how noise, interruptions, and sheer volume affects their workflow. It has a 3 microphone system so it listens to background noise and fades it out, connects with USB or USB C. It is designed for Softphone environments too so you get call control all the time. It sells at 190 usd (around 5K).

If you need to get this, it is available in leading tech accessories shops, audio stores nationwide. I would like one, thank you!

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