Through Night and Day

Monday, November 12, 2018

This Alessandra De Rossi and Paulo Contis movie had so much to give. It’s a heartwarming story amidst the cold nights, days which they all shot in Iceland. The couple is cute, best friends when they were kids, neighbors too, sweethearts in highschool, got engaged and went to this absolutely gorgeous place in Europe. 

Here’s a couple of things you could find interesting about this film.

Iceland is majestic - the trees, the flowers, the hills are all dreamy. Going around while bare, rustic and freezing, it didn’t matter as long as they are together. They also have weird weather, but the Aurora Borealis is just the perfect setting for romance. They will show that and a whole lot more unbelievable spots in the country.

Paulo’s timing is legendary. He’s funny, we all know that but his inserts here are reminiscent of the boyfriend girlfriend relationship we all wanted.

Alessandra is annoying, but the kind that is cute and if ever she does ask for something impossible, or bad, but she still gets away with it. 

There will be small fights, the kind that hurts and builds up, when you think that you already know each other but when you rely on each other while traveling, you get to measure how much you are willing to sacrifice with each other. Half of the film is funny and heartwarming. In a way you will get to question that coming to the latter part of the movie.

When you get to see the same face everyday, when you find out all the flaws in relationships and the ways of finding your own happiness, do you give up? Do you lose all patience? How do you love? Where will you find yourself if you were in their shoes?

Go figure out by watching Through Night and Day in theaters starting November 14. This is produced by Viva Films, Octoarts Films and is graded A. Maybe that would convince you to watch this film. Don’t cry though, I have to warn you.

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