JOY NOSTALG's Holiday Offerings

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Spent an evening at the Joy Nostalg for their annual Christmas Tree lighting event. Invited guests of the hotel, their executives and media were there to witness the ceremonies while we were put in the mood by the lovely choir from their chosen charity orgnization the Virlanie Foundation.

They have been involved in helping these kids go to school, their families which usually belong to the poorest of the poor communities. The Joy Nostalg is a hotel under the management of the Accor group and they didn't dissapoint in their spread and plans these holidays. It was all heavenly!

The GM of Joy Nostalg says "Accor has had a long relationship with Virlanie and our family gets bigger. We have started to sell products that benefit their families in their community directly. This is my first year here, but the crowd is bigger and thank you for being here."

They are also supoorting Kaya by Virlanie Foundation, they are doing this through Bayanihan, a word that signifies helping each other to have a more sustainable Christmas. They are a child caring institution so they work on the streets, community, residential places, health and psycho social, education, integration and more of their advocacies. This includes abused, neglected and unsupported kids so they too would have a normal life. They are also enabling them for social entrepreneurship, so they too who are at risk will survive, even going to Europe to put out their cause and they hope people would support them. They need the avenue and train them to be self sufficient, a very nice cause especially in these places in the Philippines. They have eco ornaments, other products that mothers could sell at an even better price, so they too can be successful like other people, with sustainable livelihood.

If you want to help you may see them via

By the way, Joy Nostalg will take you to a festive mood on Christmas Eve and New Years day as they offer full buffet treats including these dishes for only Php 1,700. On other days they also have OFF THE GRILL menu which costs Php 1,500 only with the best cuts of meat, sausages and sides plus a glass of bubbly. They offer it during weekdays only.

Go to Joy Nostalg at the 6th floor of their tower, along ADB Avenue in Ortigas Center Pasig City. You won’t be heartbroken! It is absolutely worth it! Call 6377888.

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