Turning Your Leads Into Sales

Friday, November 09, 2018

The figures says it all. Every time an opportunity arises, you have to take it and make sure that as a sales professional, you use the information to your advantage. At this day and age there are tons of ways to get a lead, but what do you have to do to make it a sale? I’ve seen countless sellers take the information and only get one or two convinced. Some of them even bogus, some of them prosper, but turning these into real sales is another thing. Here’s a few things you could take note of if you want to make it work, see if this takes your sales journey to another level!

Use Your Time Wisely

Yes, time is of the essence. If you get leads in your hand, chances are, so does a couple other hundred agents did too. A recent study shows that if you get to use the information you get in the first five minutes, you would be more successful converting it into a sale rather than let’s say, a person who would use it 30 minutes later. Now that is a fact... and it is a 100 times better. You could have sworn you knew about this when you started your career right? I may be wrong.

Be An Authority

Subject matter experts or the real deal person with experience, you’ve got to be both. Use your knowledge as power and get the information your clients need so they too make a sound decision. You have to know it’s not about fooling people, you have to give them the exact things they have to know about your product, whether real estate or other things, it would convince them further if you give even more of what they need. So make sure you read up on things, experience it and have the edge over other sales people who would attempt to use those leads so they feel your authenticity, your eagerness to help to make that YES to your deal without any hesitation.

Follow Up, Follow Up Promptly

You wouldn’t want people to forget about you especially if they need time to collect themselves and crack that perfect judgement. The concern and interest you give should be a factor but in this day and time, you’ve got to act quick because that’s what it is all about. Go back and send them information they need, add interest on amenities, bonuses, discounts and location. Go above and beyond what they would expect and help them find a home if they need to, not just a house. Doing it in a timely manner and responding to urgency shows you care, that is immeasurable.

Do Not Hard Sell

A sales pitch is a sales pitch but it is better when you wouldn’t think it is. It shouldn’t be the type which would be overbearing to your clients, or pressure them into making a decision that they would regret later on. I know people who wouldn’t stand pressure and quit just because it is too much to think about. They would rather live and breathe normally than hear a nagging seller on the other side of the line. You have to ignite their imagination and make them see how exciting it is to own their own home, fit in their family in the picture and see how magical it would be to get it fresh, hot, easy and fast! That you would move mountains for them but never over promise and not deliver on what you tell them. You have to be the person they trust, like a close friend, not an infomercial. A reminder would suffice but stay pleasant and not a Marcos of modern times.

Use Good Technology

If you want to be ahead of the pack, you have to use tools to your advantage. You also have to make sure you stay organized and stay updated by reading where you left off your conversations so you won’t look like a broken record. Take Lamudi’s Lead Management Tool for example, because it manages your listings, makes your follow ups easy so you can track all your transactions in one place. Your client’s dream home should include their desired size, location and budget to work with. Obviously if you can see all these factors in one go, you’re not going to waste your time and theirs. That invokes sincerity, which would in turn make them transact with you easier and do it faster so you both could save the trouble, no nonsense at all!

This at least would get you started. Make it beneficial for you and your client, you’ll also earn a friend.

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