ANGKAS Starts Saving Lives

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle service like ANGKAS? I haven’t because one, I do not have a helmet that would fit my huge head and two, I really fear for my life. Now this service has professionalized and made riding a motorcycle better, made strides to make their partners be trained well, to get them to also be better drivers. They now have been downloaded 1 Million times, and had benefited a lot of Filipinos.

Angeline Tham the CEO of ANGKAS says “I am here to reveal the first ever motorcycle ambulance service, we call it ANGKAS BUHAY. In Cebu PO1 Ricafort was patrolling, going to an incident he got injured and bled profusely. An ANGKAS member named Francis Belecario stopped and helped this police officer to go to a hospital and he survived. His bravery is lauded, this is why we thought we had one mission to beat the traffic. From bringing customers from one point to another, we plan now to have ANGKAS members to join ANGKAS BUHAY an Motorcycle ambulance service which people can now use when in dire need so they can respond as first aid or EMT service so they can rush as fast as their motorcycle can go, get them to save lives too.”

People die every year because of failure to get the victims of accidents to hospitals on time (to get medical attention), and going to streets of Manila is not easy. Every minute counts, so we have to go and seek volunteers to be paramedics. ANGKAS BUHAY the Motorcycle Ambulance Service is going to help. This is their call to make riding two wheelers a safe service, they are partnering with VRP Medical Center (their partner) so they can train people and become an alternate first line of responders when they need to.

This is a completely FREE service and will be strictly voluntary. The plan is to cover Metro Manila first, with a reasonable response time and get all the drivers certified with all the trainer they need. If they are waiting for an ambulance to come. The ambu motorcycle is a little expensive, they are looking for more partners, aiming to do around 1,000 volunteers as much as they can.

This is a good step especially in our situation where EDSA is hell. They are planning to start mid year of 2019, if they can help, wouldn’t that be a great thing?

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