Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've never been so excited in my entire life! Raymund, Buddy, Marcus and Ely is back for the Last Set of their shortened show in the Fort last December. On March 7, 2009, will they be ending all my hopes and dreams of seeing the ERASERHEADS making music once again.

A lot of things were not played last time because the concert was cut short with Ely's health condition. This time I'd like to see em prepared and without a doubt to finish what they started.

Ticket Prices are NOT GOING TO BE DISCOUNTED to people that went to the first REUNION CONCERT and will be sold off at these prices:

I also included a map of the venue which is going to be in Mall of Asia. Apparently they are going to put the VIP's in that yellow area. If funding does not allow it, I'd probably be in the Gold or Silver Areas. I hope I don't end up with those FEELINGEROT FEELINGERANG fan of the Eraserheads that went there and didn't even know a single song from any of their album. People like you shouldn't go to concerts like this just because your in the IN crowd for crying out loud! I'll bring a better camera phone to get em videos published in youtube or here in my website. I'd probably cry if they get to finish this one hahahah ^_^



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