Bargain Basement Priced UK Domains

Monday, January 05, 2009

You sometimes wonder how expensive it is to maintain a website. You thought everything is free in this cyber world; a statement which you hear from everybody else, but no. Economies have downsized and a lot of corporations are showing their wares so the general public may benefit the low priced services in these hard times. It’s just the rightful thing to do.

I was presented with this problem when I was in college building websites for people and companies. The fact is, domain name registration is very expensive. For a single lad who only had enough money to get within the day, I had to do extra work for other people so I can finance my own projects. I didn’t know much where to get the services because initially I thought these things were provided by local companies. As books came in and the Internet booming in the region, I have harnessed information that there are several options. One of them is which even provides the domain for free over 2 years if you purchase hosting services from them. Unlike other companies that inconsiderately grabs your money at the first bite; they only charge a few pounds and even register your name with the domain. This proves ownership of the site and is not provided by most third party companies, so if it’s your turn to renew for the service they hold on to you forever. Single click management of your Domain Name Server is also available weather you are with, Mobile Me or others. Setting up email is a cinch and they even provide this for free. I know a lot of my friends will surely be excited to know about that! Imagine they’ll have their own email addresses spelling my own domain on it!

If I only knew this was available at the time when I was hooking up 4 companies online then I would have recommended their company instead. I’m sure if they’d ask me again, I’ll tell them of someone who doesn’t have hidden charges and not sugarcoat anything just to buy a domain name. If you want true people that tell you they offer no extras to purchase, if they priced correctly and give you the figures upfront; then this site is the best one you can get pound for pound. I strongly recommend their services so you won’t get the feeling I had when I read about them in the web, regret!


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